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If you are currently using Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you'll already know these are great for promoting your products and services in your area. Look us up there and see how we are doing things a little differently within your region.

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We've LAUNCHED our Bury Website!

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Each Webpage is a 500+ word description about each business, with images, e-mail contact form and 100% mobile.

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Why you need a 100% Mobile Friendly Website?

​If you own a business and don't have a website that you can direct your customers to, then please feel free to get in touch. The cost for a webpage over a 12 month period is less than £2 a week. We are launching more sites across the North West very soon. This is a major project in terms of networking across a very specific region and is hyperlocal in terms of searching online. This basically means local people will find you in your area.

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What's a Business Webpage?
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We've launched the Bury website recently, so if you are a business owner in Bury, this is the local site for you. With each site, you can have a full webpage, which includes a professionally written description about your business, 500 words or more, PLUS all images and a contact form.

We've added a few businesses already and you can read all about them, what services and products they offer and how to get in touch. You will quickly find Plumbers, Painter and Decorators, Electricians, Roofing companies and Carpet fitters. Plus many other local businesses besides.

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Rossendale info website

Find Plumbers, Painters and Decorators, Electricians, Carpet Fitters, Plasterers and Roofing companies.

Business Owners! This website covers the Rossendale region with a population of around 68,000. Add to this the surrounding areas of Bury, Ribble and Pendle and that's nearly half a million people. We're a network for local businesses. 

​We may have said this before, but this is a going to be a major project in terms of putting small local businesses online in a mobile friendly format, each with their own unique Webpage. Read further about how we are attracting visitors to the website. We're adding Trades people first. If you're searching online within a short distance of your home, you'll find it here! As we continue to add new webpages every week, there will also be new categories listed. More people are searching the internet using their mobile devices. We can make your online presence better with a webpage  on this site that's 100% mobile friendly.

The info Network of sites is growing across East Lancashire and the North West of England


​Welcome to the Rossendale info website. You can find local companies here and we're starting with tradespeople, from Plumbers to Painters, Electricians to Artificial Turf. Each business on the site will have their own webpage, full of info about what they do, and how to get in touch with them.

​There are lots of businesses who simply don't want to spend money on marketing or having a website. Even when you buy a website, it doesn't stop there, you can spend just as much time, effort and money promoting your business website to get onto page one of Google. We're a hyperlocal website, promoting local business to local people. If you want to find a business in Rawtenstall, there's one on here.

In fact, unless you try it for yourself, you're never going to find out. What's stopping you? Cost? ... It's not expensive for a FULL Webpage for your business compared to other forms of advertising.

Webpage setup includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the Webpages on the sites. What's this? It's making sure the pages ends up on page No.1 of Google search for the Keywords for your business.

Do we have any Proof we can put your business at the top of Google rankings?

Give it a go... do a search for Plumbers in Rossendale, without becoming too technical, depending if you're doing this on a laptop/desktop PC or a Mobile device, then you'll get different results according to web browser and previous searches. All our websites are 100% Mobile Friendly, this also affects page rankings; they're fast too, so you're not waiting ages for the page to load.

One of the most difficult things about being in business today is trying to market your business by yourself Online and via Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Find Local Businesses in Rossendale

Is the Rossendale info Website good for your business?

WE'RE ALREADY THERE! Full Webpage on this website includes images, 500+ description about your business, plus contact form for email. It's like your own mini website, 100% mobile friendly, 100% SEO for Keywords, professionally written and page loading time in less than 2.5 seconds. IT ROCKS!!

In addition to this, through Social Media, the Webpages are marketed online, we offer free advice in setting up your Facebook page too, so customers can see you better online. 
What we're doing is still new in terms of marketing small businesses in their local area. We use 'Hyperlocal GEO Domains', they're all the names of towns and areas. Eg. Rossendale, Rawtenstall, Haslingden, Bury, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe, Prestwich, Accrington, Ribble, Ribchester, Pendle, and over 60 other towns across the North West.

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Local People are Searching Online

It can be safely said that there's a greater percentage of mobile phone users accessing the internet than at any other time. Look around you and everyone's probably checking their friends on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, since we launched, 76% of visits to the site are from mobile phones.  All you need to remember is that all our webpages will be responsive and easy to read on a mobile phone. If you need more details about how it works, or if you have an existing website that isn't getting seen on Google, then get in touch.

Visitors to the website will be able to get in touch with you by email. Start 2017 looking like a professional business . Click or Tap on the INFO LOGO to view more info!

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Here's a local roofing company currently working on a shop roof in Bank Street in Rawtenstall.