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There are plenty of opportunities these days to get a company online, with various costs in terms of advertising and web design. We're adding only local business on each site to help users find what they are looking for in their area. It makes sense to shop local. We call this the 'Hyper-Local' search. Highly targeted marketing on a very local level. The site will be advert free! That's right, none of those annoying little banners that no one reads anyway. Each will have their own unique 'Webpage', detailing what they do, services and products they offer. Each webpage will include recently taken images, and a 500+ word write up. More info to help site users.

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Ask any marketing agency or specialist how to get your website onto the first page of Google search engine, and they'll all give you a different answer. It can be done, with lots of money. We're not talking in the hundreds of pounds, but thousands per year. The smaller owners don't stand a chance, or do they? Let's get them all together on one website, something that is local and unique, easy to remember, the name of the town. Great! Eureka. We'll put everyone on the dot com website. Here's the bad news. I contacted the people in the Cayman Islands, who own the dot com domain (technical word for website), and they were asking for a bid-offer for the website of £3000, that's just to begin negotiations. Websites can be an expensive thing if you're looking to buy one that has a high ranking keyword.

​Hello and welcome to the Rossendale info website. What’s the website about? Simply, it’s about ‘local businesses for local people’. What’ll be unique about this site, is that it is going to be part of a much bigger project across the North West of England, but more about that later. I’ll be working in partnership with local businesses from all areas, but to begin with, the intention is to add local trades people. Everyone featuring on the site, will have their own individual webpage, with info about what they do, products and services they offer, and how to get in touch with them. So that’s it.

Okay, so we decided to go for the .info domain names. After all, it is information that people are generally searching for when they're searching on Google. Next time you do an online search for a plumber, check how many are not from the area. Personally, I prefer to shop local. It makes economic sense, you are keeping the local economy running better; less travelling for people  too. Why has everyone suddenly gone hyper-local? Google are doing it, Facebook and just about every single web directory company from here to Palo Alto in San Francisco (Facebook Head Office), are suddenly getting excited about local search. They all want 'local businesses for local people' on their books. So how can we launch a website that is local, easy to remember and have enough interest on there for everyone? We are slowly building the website, one step at a time, brick by brick, piece by piece, to form a lasting platform (you're getting the hang of these buzz words now, aren't you?), that will become an ongoing project for many years to come. Some may need a greater presence across the UK, so for that reason, we'll be launching Local123UK.

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The info network consists of key towns and areas across the North West. We've launched this website in April 2016, and have also launched the Bury and Ribble websites. Each site is a platform to showcase local companies and we're putting them online for a fraction of the cost compared to setting up a complete website.

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In addition to having a webpage on this site, we're giving tips on how to better promote online via social media. It's a simple strategy and the main aim is to target local trade using proven methods.

Here's what we are going to do for local business owners in Rossendale

You can be online in less than a week. A FULL webpage consists of around 500 words, written about your business and includes images and an Email contact form. These are ideal for those who are unable to answer their telephone during the day due to work commitments. Each website is 100% mobile friendly. Furthermore, it's not expensive as our aim is to get as many businesses online and viewed by the local people in Rossendale.

There are many options for self-employed individuals to get themselves on the internet. Firstly, there is the simple option of setting up a Facebook page. Add your own images and hey presto! After a few weeks you'll have hundreds of followers who are just dying to buy your products and services. It's not that easy, especially when there are so many other posts popping competing for users attention. It gets a bit crowded basically. 

The INFO Network is basically all the domains we currently own, and that we will be bringing online to your town and area very soon. There's a whole host of other towns across the North West, which we hope to launch and connect together to form a larger network of across Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside. 

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There's one simple message. This is a local site where you'll only find local services and products from the valley, and we're 100% Mobile Friendly. We hope you can join us!