Imagine searching a website that has only local businesses, that when you call them, they're within 5 miles of where you are. It makes sense to shop local, and ideal for the businesses who'll be able to spend less time travelling and more time doing what they do best. 

Get in touch if you want to learn about getting your business on the Accrington info website. It's 100% Mobile Friendly, which means more people on smart phones will be able to read about you and what you offer. 

plumbers to plasterers

World famous for their Red 'Nori' Bricks, Accrington is home to a wealth of local history.

The info Network of Domains

Do you own a local Accrington Business?

We've already set up Rossendale and Bury, so now it's time to get local Accrington businesses online. Each site is dedicated to small business owners and they're 100% mobile friendly.

What is the info Network?

In April 2016, we launched the Rossendale website, closely followed by the Bury one. The project is a step closer to developing the many hyperlocal geo domains for all the towns across the North West. I will help small businesses to get online for a fraction of the cost of either hosting their own website or choosing one of the national online directory websites.

accrington local businesses 

There'll be a large variety of local business services from Carpet fitters to Carpenters, even Cycle Shops in Accrington. The websites are dedicated solely for local businesses, so you won't be allowed on if they are not local. For example, if they're in Rising Bridge or Baxenden, you'll find them under the Accrington section.

Carpet fitters to Carpenters and Cycle Shops

A webpage is basically a full page on each website dedicated to one company or small business owner. There'll be info about the products and services they offer, plus details how to get in touch with them. Each page contains around 500 words, which can be read in around one and a half minutes. Just enough for visitors to the website to learn more about the business and if they offer the services they are looking for. 

We're not just local, we're Hyper-Local
Accrington info Webpage for local businesses
Nori Brick from Accrington

 In fact, most people are usually looking for businesses within a 5 mile radius and according to Google statistics, they're 50 per cent more likely to visit that business within a couple of days of finding them. Add the this the fact that Google search gives a better conversion for leads compared to Social Media web traffic, and you'll soon be getting more business from your local area.