Living Room painted and decorated

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Add contrast to a room and it adds depth a totally different feel. Here is the same colour scheme as the photo above, where the living room walls have been painted in the same Dulux paint, which as you can see, covers extremely well. There is a lot of preparation involved prior to applying the final coat of paint and this gives a smooth fine finish to the final result.

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Using the best professional materials is also a factor to consider when planning to repaint internal or external walls. If there are pets or children in the home, surfaces can be easily marked, so it's best to choose the right product to match the job it's meant to do. 

Exterior Wall after painting

Specialist in preparing homes for sale or rental

Andrew Porter

Rawtenstall, Rossendale

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A cost effective way to add value to your home is to decorate it. Choosing the correct colour and scheme can be a difficult choice, especially if you are planning to sell or rent the home. See some examples of completed projects below. Free advice when deciding about painting, decorating and choosing wallpaper.

Kitchen Painted and Decorated

If you have a property for sale or rental, then the best way to give added value to your home is by decorating. Offering Free advice on choosing the most effective colour scheme, that can enhance your rooms, to give better lighting and appeal.

Exterior Wall prior to painting

Painter and Decorator

Free advice from a Professional Decorator

Advice on Decoration that can make a difference

When it comes to decorating your home, Andrew Porter is a professional painter and decorator from Rawtenstall. Specialising in preparing houses for sale and rental. Offering advice on neutralising, modernising and transforming rooms, using cost effective solutions. 

​Protect the outside of your home using specialist paint materials and products

Choosing the right colour scheme for a living room can make a lot of difference. See below for some recently completed decorating jobs in customers' own homes.

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The weather can be fairly harsh, even on the toughest exteriors. It is advised to protect the outside of your property, using the very best professional materials. Seal and protect your home from water penetration and give it a whole new look and appearance. In fact, if you are planning to sell a property, why now give it a spruce up, it'll add more value and make it more attractive to potential new buyers. Even Phil Spencer, property expert from the TV programme, 'Location, Location, Location,' suggests that spending between £100-£1000 on painting the outside of you home, will add around £5000 to the value. Presentation is everything! View image below for an example of recent work carried out. You'll see what we mean.

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Andrew Porter Painter and Decorator in rossendale

Painting Decorating and Wallpaper

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'Two rooms from different houses, both using the really versatile and stunning Dulux paint, both finished with brilliant white eggshell trim. It's such a great colour and works in any room in the house'

Please feel free to get in touch if you're in Rossendale or even further afield.

Choose from hundreds of different colours on swatch and sample cards from various manufacturers.

Andrew can offer some great advice when it comes to brightening your home. Here's a couple of recent jobs showing just what he can accomplish to give a modern and professional look.

House exterior painted, showing 'Before' and 'After'


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