KING OF SWEEPS is your local chimney sweep based in Rossendale, Lancashire. 

We use a Rotating Chimney Sweep System

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We operate in homes and businesses, where we extract all the soot and waste products; therefore we guarantee to leave your premises or home with no mess to clean up after we leave. 

I n addition to cleaning chimney flues, we also offer a full cleaning service for your wood burning stove. This includes cleaning the glass panels and all the metalwork.

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The photo on the left shows the build-up inside a chimney flue and the image of the right shows the same flue after it has been cleaned using the rotating sweep brushes. This is a more effective method of getting rid of all hazardous substances in the flue.

John Chadwick Hetas Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep in Rossendale, Lancashire, Covering the North West

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Chimney Flue before and after cleaning

Owner/Operator John Chadwick is a HETAS Registered Chimney Sweep (Reg. No. 25299) and a Certified Member of Sweep Safe. 

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Guaranteed No Mess or Soot in your Living Room or Home

We are well placed to cover a large area in the Lancashire and North West Region. On a more local level, you can find us working in the Rossendale, Ramsbottom, Bury, Bolton and Burnley areas on a daily basis.

HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep

Get expert advice when you've got a bird's nest in your chimney flue, we'll come along to remove the obstruction and offer advice and options in preventing the birds coming back to build their nests.

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Chimney and Stove Clean at the Buffer Stops

Whilst inside your flue, the tar vapor condenses as a liquid on to the cooler chimney sides and gradually builds up, thus blocking and causing a potential hazard. In the right conditions, this can ignite and cause a potentially dangerous fire.  

Stove Cleaned

NOTE: If you are outside of these towns and areas, please feel free to get in touch and we'll get straight back to you. PLEASE USE THE FORM to SEND US A MESSAGE about getting your chimney swept. Thank you.

Several insurance companies are now insisting on yearly sweeps of your chimney flue. and what's more we can sweep, test and also service your fire or stove and issue a certificate for your peace of mind.

Don't risk a fire or fumes escaping from your wood burning stove, get in touch today via the online form or contact telephone number. 

John Chadwick

King of Sweeps 


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We Offer a Full Cleaning Service Including Your Stove

We also sweep open fires and with all cleaning jobs, we will issue you with a certificate, which is a guarantee of the work carried out.

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Removing and Preventing Bird Nests in Chimneys
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When your stove or fire is burning solid fuel, the flue inside your chimney gets a build-up of a natural by-product from burning organic-based fuels (wood, coal, peat) in the form of creosote tar. This is makes its way up into the chimney as a vapor in the smoke.