We will be adding further images of jobs we will be doing around the Rossendale Valley, including some large projects we are now completing

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Image shows a recent groundwork job laying new drainage and concrete to relocate access cover before installing new kitchen extension. 

Excavation for Drainage, Electric and Gas Pipelines

Concrete is one of the oldest known man-made building materials. It's tough and hard-wearing and you can paint it. Ideal for areas where there is a lot of footfall traffic or heavy machinery being moved across. A driveway can be done in a couple of days depending on the weather. 

Based locally in the Rossendale Valley, Kade Leary Groundworks can take on even the toughest of jobs. Whether you are looking for a major excavation to lay electricity pipelines, we have the heavy machinery and man-power to deliver quality work at reasonable rates. 

Here are some recently completed works showing a section of ditch that was dug to accommodate a new electric cable running underground. Photos are taken before in-filling and levelling to show correct position and for future reference. This is for a commercial property where work to deadlines and limit disruption to the business where possible.

Concrete Driveway by Kade Leary Groundworks
Fencing Posts and other Excavation work

Concrete Driveways and Paths

mini excavator earth moving

If there's a hole to be dug, sometimes you just need the right equipment and the best knowledge. You can't just go digging anywhere you like. We also cover excavation for fencing and posts and will be uploading some more recent images to this page to give you more insight about what we have done and can do for you. We're always Under construction!


Kade Leary


Kade Leary Groundworks laying new drains

For new drain installations and pipework, please feel free to give us a call on the telephone number provided, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We unblock drains too!‚Äč Give us a call today or see below for contact email

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Find further details below about flagging, fencing, laying driveways, gabion baskets and other retaining walls, plus all other types of excavation works. Need an access cover moving to accommodate and new extension?

Kade Leary for all areas of Groundwork, foundations, footings, drainage, concreting, all service laying, which includes water mains, electric and gas ducts in and around the Rossendale area.

Laying electric cable underground

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If you are based in and around Rossendale, we're available to come and view your project and visit you at a convenient time. Simply get in touch using the form and let us know when is a good time to give you a call and how we can be of assistance to you.

Drains and waste water pipe installation

We are usually called out to deal with major blockages in domestic and commercial premises to unblock drains. This is mainly caused by build up of waste that is flushed down, although sometimes it can be due to the pipework failing. You'll notice bad smells usually coming from the garden area or a kitchen sink. This is a tell tale sign that you have a problem. We investigate and try to remove the obstruction. In rare cases, the blockage has to be investigated further.

Kade Leary Groundworks in Rossendale
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