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The Rossendale info website is still in its infancy, we're building the site slowly, adding local businesses one by one. This isn't going to be a directory listing from A to Z, it is a project that will develop over time. Each week there will be new businesses added, each having their own webpage. This will tell you a lot more about each of them, what they do and general info. Webpages are paid for by each business, that way the site will remain fresh and updated. It is designed for local users searching online and we're adding local tradespeople, such as joiners, electricians and plumbers. Over the coming weeks and months, new categories will be added, from shops to leisure, eating-out and things to do. The site is 100% mobile friendly, accessible on mobile devices and smartphones.


Welcome to Haslingden. The local area has an amazing history, dating back hundreds of years. With its links to the Cotton and Quarrying industries, you'll still see clues about its past in the buildings and local landscape.

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Haslingden is a great place to live. There are parks brilliant stuff to by at shops and there is Haslingden baths reopening, which is straight across from HPS (Haslingden Primary School). We also have takeaways. Please come to Haslingden you will enjoy it. Thank you!

by Millie McConnell

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We're going to bring you up to date about the local businesses in the town. Haslingden became part of the Borough of Rossendale in 1974.

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