Choosing the right colour scheme for your home

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Whether you’ve had your walls recently plastered and are looking for ideas on colour schemes, Jason is on hand to offer FREE quotations for all work to be carried out. You can see the effect from these before and after images of a home in Rawtenstall, where all the old paint was removed and undercoated before applying a final top coat. The results speak for themselves. 

This may not be possible in all cases, but it is always better to ask. Get in touch using the Email contact form below and include as much information about your painting and decorating requirements that once you are contacted it will be easier to quickly give you the required information and prices.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to choosing the right colour scheme for your home, especially in the living room, kitchen or bedrooms. There are many options when choosing a gloss or emulsion paint, and even more so when considering the choice of wallpaper. 

painting and Decorating Commercial premises in Rossendale

FREE Quotations and ADVICE on Choosing Colour Schemes

Glossing and painting internal doors and woodwork
Painted living room and gloss skirting boards

If you are considering buying a home for investment, proper maintenance is key to looking after the outside and this includes fascias, guttering and any roofline woodwork that needs protection from the elements. 

All quotations from Jason Turner Painting and Decorating are FREE without obligation. It is best to get in touch as soon as possible, where work schedules and jobs are generally planned weeks in advance. One good thing, is that as a local Painter and Decorator, you can be always assured of a prompt, professional and efficient service.

One of the best ways to improve the outside of your home is to give it a lick of paint, although the key to getting this done correctly is to get the surfaces ready before applying a coat of special weather-proof paint to give a long lasting appearance for many years to come. The image of the house gable-end shows this with a greatly improved final outcome, thus adding value to the home if you were intending to sell it. 

Get in touch if you need a local Painter and Decorator, we're based in Rossendale and cover all domestic and commercial premises.

Jason Turner Painter and Decorator in Rossendale

Here is a local business you may be familiar with, where the job involved a full makeover for this local barbers salon. If you own commercial premises and require a quote for painting and decorating, there may be other things to consider, such as keeping your business open whilst having work completed at the same time.

Getting a quotation for one room or the whole house can seem a big task, however Jason offers step-by-step advice on how to get the best from your budget as well as giving free advice matching to an existing colour scheme.

Painting and Decorating Commercial premises
Commercial painter and decorator for shops

Jason Turner is a local tradesman offering painting and decorating services to both domestic and commercial businesses. On this page you will see images from some recently completed decorating jobs, showing a wide range of the services available. This includes preparation of the surfaces to be painted, which is crucial to getting a perfect professional looking finish. 

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Painting outside of the house, fascias,soffits and gutters

Painting the outside of your home, walls guttering and fascias

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Jason Turner Painting and Decorating in Rossendale

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Painting living rooms, kitchen and hallway and stairs

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