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After the summary section you need to write your Key Skills and Knowledge. Most people will actually mix these up, and put something that they did and think it's one of their skills. Look up any job description online, and check what they list as skills for the role you are applying. If you don't have those skills, don't put them. It's actually illegal to lie on your CV in the UK. A CV is better to be written in the 3rd person, so try not to use .. and I did.. and I worked at ... it becomes hard to read. After your work history, you can then add your Education, hobbies and interests and finally reference contacts. Do include contact details for your references at this stage, modern software sometimes will scan this and add those details to the company database. There needs to be one email and a mobile telephone contact number for you only.

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If you are job hunting in Rossendale, there are plenty of companies in the Valley who have opportunities for the right candidate. The 'Rossendale Jobs' info webpage will soon be offering to local companies, the opportunity to advertise any positions they are currently looking to fill. And it's free! Watch this space!

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One thing you are going to need if you are looking for a job is a CV. As a general rule, most CV's these days are meant to be around 2 pages long, with a summary section that is full of keywords. Avoid using phrases, such as 'I work well on my own, or as part of a team'. This section is to grab the readers attention and make them want to read more. The average recruiter can read a CV in less than a minute. They're looking for specific points.

As a rule, it's always better to include one in your application. If it's not required for the position, then you've at least made the effort. A Cover letter needs to be very simple. Written in the '1st person', so it is coming from you. You can use ... 'and I worked at...', but don't overdo it. Keep it simple, introduce yourself, tell them what you can do and how much you would like to work there and why.

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If a CV looks good, then you're half way there. Presentation is everything. The general rule is that 2 pages is okay, less and you haven't enough experience, any more than this, it becomes too long to read. 

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The FREE CV Template is a WORD document with tips about writing an awesome CV.