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Good customer service, as any business owner knows, is key to getting customers to come to you, or at least recommend your service. This is our top priority, and at all times this is going to be a partnership. We value your input and feedback. The site already has interest from local businesses that are not ranking well, or that simply don't have a website for users to look at and also to promote. We will give each business who appears on the site their own webpage. For example, we designed a website page for Alf's Gas Appliance Services in Rawtenstall . Their original website is one of the top ranking sites for the Rossendale area; especially if you are looking for a professional company to come and fix your boiler. As you can see from the images here, it doesn't work well on a smartphone, although perfect on a desktop computer. The text is small and difficult to read if you are viewing via mobile. The image on the right is the new Webpage, with exactly the same information, condensed into one page. You can view all local Rawtenstall Plumbers and Heating Engineers here. "Plumbers in Rossendale"

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Note: If you based in Rawtenstall centre, and are looking to start a New Business soon, this is a great opportunity to raise your online presence with us. Get in touch via our contact page.

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Mather Art Gallery Rawtenstall

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From the covered Market Hall at one end of Bank Street, to the town centre and beyond, here you will find every conceivable business all in one place. With such choice and variety, it's a wonder where to start. If you were around in the 70's, you could buy vinyl records at Ames record bar, pick n mix from Woolworths and bicycle parts from Eric Wilson's; who was in fact at one point, the National Hill Climb Champion. A title held by superstars such as Chris Boardman MBE. Times have changed, and with the advent of the internet, more and more people are searching, and more importantly, shopping online. Let's help them become hyper-local!

Contemporary Art at Mather Gallery Rawtenstall

Welcome to Rawtenstall. The image is taken from Google Maps, and shows Bank Street with its traditional Cobbles, stone blocks on the road. Did you know the biggest search on Google for Rawtenstall is... BBC Weather Rawtenstall 

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Forever with Love Handmade Jewellery Rawtenstall Market
Having your own unique webpage

The idea of the 'Webpage' is to give users more detailed info about you as a business. It's like a CV for your company, except it will also have images. Easy to read in less than a minute. Each webpage on the site will perform on the search engines based on their own merit. If people are searching on a mobile smartphone, Google has implemented a new ranking algorithm, that basically favours sites that are responsive to these devices. The good news is, we are!  

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We could tell you lots if interesting facts about Rawtenstall, such as.. it is the seat for the local Borough Council, or that it has one of the oldest Temperance bars in the country and a museum with a shrunken head. We're not going to do that, as there are plenty of local websites to visit with much more detailed info and expertise than we could imagine to write about here. What we're going to tell you about as we grow the website, is local businesses. From Butchers to Bakers and yes, even Candlestick makers. Plumbers and Builders, with other tradespeople and experts in their profession. There is a wealth of talent in the valley, just waiting to be found. This isn't going to be like any other business listing page, where you have to type in your postcode and click around twenty buttons before you find what you're looking for. All the businesses featured will be from Rossendale. Why? The simple reason is we believe in local shopping. 

There's a lot written about the social and economic reasons for people to 'shop local'. It helps the local community and commerce, and more importantly, the local spirit. The businesses on Bank street offer a wealth of products and services, creating employment and prosperity within the community. Everyone loves a bargain and some of the online offers are hard to resist. Companies with a huge marketing budget and expertise to deliver their own brand to the online population of Rossendale. It's called Hyperlocal, and online companies such as Facebook want this business. Internet marketing can be expensive, so can hosting your own website. That's why we're keeping the prices of your own Webpage as low as possible. Read further for updates.

What we will do for your business in Rawtenstall

One of Rawtenstall's prime attractions is the Market on Newchurch Road, open 9:00 till 4:00pm Thursdays and Saturdays. Here you can find everything from locally produced meat and vegetables, clothing and flower stalls, oh and those wonderful local delicacies ...Black Puddings! Here's one of the local stall-holders from the inside market. Rawtenstall Market Stallholder, Jackie Buckley. Tap the image to view Jackie's Webpage.

Whilst you are in Rawtenstall, you may want to visit one of the leading contemporary art galleries in East Lancashire. With over 20 artists exhibiting at the gallery, so there is plenty of choice for everyone's tastes. Click on the image opposite to visit their Webpage.

With expertise of online marketing and the local area, we're going to add as many businesses as we can, and as quickly as possible. The Rossendale website as we've mentioned is a gTLD (generic Top Level Domain), easy to remember, especially for local people. It'll be only for local businesses, there'll be no advertisements on the page and inclusion is by annual agreement. Therefore, to have your own uniquely designed Webpage (1000+ Words Plus Images), will be as little as £1 per week for an annual subscription. Get on first and you won't have too much competition, as we're currently adding Tradespeople, Electricians, Plumbers etc.

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