If you are looking for a company in Rossendale who deals in Waste and Rubbish removal, we've found some for you. Read a few tips and info about using licensed waste carriers. Details at the bottom.

Household Rubbish Collection

If you visit the Rossendale Council website, there's lots of info about weekly and fortnightly household rubbish collections. They operate a procedure where you have to have a 'closed lid' and no side-waste. Sometimes, you'll have too much to fit in the bin provided. That's when it may be time to call someone in to remove your excess bin bags and extra waste.

Image of bin bags and household rubbish

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Senior Waste Removals Ltd

Rubbish and Waste Removals Rossendale

Senior Waste Removals Ltd are a registered waste carrier covering the Rossendale area, based in Ramsbottom, Bury.

House clearances that involve a lot of items, such as settees and other items of furniture, may require expert assistance. Usually items need to be seen, types of material and what items can or can not be recycled. This is typical for end on tenancies, where some tenants leave behind a lot of rubbish for landlords to get rid of.

House Clearances and Other Waste

Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier Rossendale

Hopefully, we've given you a better idea of what is available from the private businesses dealing with rubbish removal in and around the Rossendale area.

Senior Waste Removals Ltd for Rubbish Collection in Rossendale

Licensed Waster Carrier covering the Rossendale, Rawtenstall, Bacup and Haslingden area. Household and commercial waste and rubbish removed included full house clearances.

Skip or Waste Carrier?

Licensed rubbish and Waste Carriers

How can you save money?

It pays to get more than one quote. Getting a waste carrier to do the hard work may save a lot of time and effort compared to loading skips or having to take rubbish to a tip in your own car. 

Less than £5 a month for a Webpage on Rossendale website

It costs money to remove rubbish from a private or commercial address. Even the local council will charge for this service. Perhaps that's why there are no so many more licensed waste carriers competing for business since weekly bin collections stopped. Don't throw your money away!

House Clearance and Other Waste

Licensed Waste Carriers in the Rossendale Area

By law, anyone who is a waste carrier, broker or people who deal with rubbish and waste carriers, those who transport, buy, sell or dispose of waste, or arrange for someone else to do so, must be registered. All carriers on the Rossendale site here are licensed waste carriers.

Household Clearances for Landlords

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