The weather this summer is a mixture of heatwaves, showers and the odd thunderstorm across the Rossendale area. Click the Cloud Image here for some daily and weekly updates from the BBC Weather Service for your area.

​Photos published courtesy of Mr Geoff Pickup (Crawshawbooth) Rossendale. Image shows view of the Grane, looking East towards the Valley.

The Latest Rossendale and UK Weather Outlook for the next few days

The Rossendale landscape is dramatic with its surrounding hills and ever changing weather. Here's a recent photo showing just how impressive it can be.

Rossendale Weather forecast from the BBC

It doesn't rain all the time

There's more to Rossendale than just the Weather, although it is still the main topic of conversation. Find out here what we're looking to do for local businesses. 

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't rain all the time in Rossendale, although some locals may disagree with you on that matter. With an average rainfall over 12 months, equal to 120 inches, the wettest month is December. Add to this the fact that the area is well above sea level, in winter it is more likely to fall as snow. Spare a thought though for the other Rossendale, yes there's another one, in Manitoba, Canada. Although they only receive around 22 inches of rain in a year, temperatures in winter can drop to well below minus -20 degrees. 

BBC Weather Forecast Rawtenstall

google map street view Rawtenstall with photo by Paul Mulderigg

Google street view on the Left. Photo on the right taken by Mr Paul Mulderrig from Rawtenstall

View the BBC weather page 

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photo of Rossendale Valley and Weather

photo of grane area in rossendale Lancashire

Weather forecast for the next 5 days from the Weather page at the BBC (click the weather image, opens new page)

If you're looking to see what the weather forecast is likely to be in Rossendale, it's more than likely you are looking to check if it is going to be sunny. Chances are, due to the proximity to the Pennines and the prevailing Westerly winds, there is a greater chance it will be raining, which turns to snow in the winter months.

snow view of Rossendale at Clowbridge

Photo published courtesy of Mike Ratcliffe. Copyright 2017

Here's a view from Chapel Hill (just above Rawtenstall), showing on the left the view from Google Maps, and on the right, a photo taken by Mr Paul Mulderrig of Rawtenstall from the exact same spot.

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