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It's one of the original generic Top Level Domains and has been around since 2001. Its concept is for fast access to information. That’s the goal of Internet users all over the world. The .INFO domain is the logical choice for people creating informational websites and for people searching for information online.
More than five million people and organisations worldwide selected .INFO domains for their websites, making it one of the most popular generic Top-Level Domains on the Internet.

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If any business is thinking to market themselves properly. They need to have proper vehicle signage, headed note paper for quotations and also to look professional. What's better than having your own business address for a fraction of the cost. This service has be recently introduced, so please contact us to discuss your own name. Either type in the above address or click on the image to visit the webpage. They both do the same thing. In other words, you can have a domain name and still be on the Rossendale website. Awesome!

Send a request to us if you wish to know more about Web pages on this site. All webpages are Mobile friendly.

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See below a few examples for small business Webpages on the website. Tap  or click on the image to view the Mobile Friendly webpages and what we're doing to put small  business owners on the internet.

See below for examples

  • Targeting Local People

That's exactly what the INFO network is for, to get the information directly to people in a specific area.

  • Putting Local Businesses Online

You don't have to spend a fortune on Web domains and Web Design, then trying to find someone to Optimise your website for Keywords ... We've already done that for you!

Need a Website for your Rossendale BUSINESS in 2019?

Ps It's not just for Plumbers. We're adding ALL types of businesses, so get in touch to learn more.

How to get to the top of Google ranking is what every business owner wants to know. It's know as Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, the search engine is Google, and they look for optimised websites, ones that meet their strict criteria for user experience and those searching for things on the internet.
Some of the businesses on our local websites already have your own business websites, although they still have a webpage here on the local sites for Rossendale, Bury and the recently launched Ribble website. 
Websites need optimising. They need to have the correct Keywords, Headings, Images, Structure and so on. They need to be fast on mobile and these are just some of 200 tests that Google conducts in the blink of an eye when they check a website to see if it meets their standards.
The main thing in our opinion and also the general consensus from those well respected in this business, is that Keywords are important, and how these relate to the content of the page. The title of the page has to be relevant to what is in the page description and then in the actual page itself. So for example, a recent page we added to the Bury website was for the company GSG Garage Refurbishment in Bury. In one day, it is already ranking on page one of Google search. It's already on top of a couple of other local websites doing similar business. It can take weeks and sometimes months to get search optimisation correct.
As we've said before, we do the SEO part prior to writing the webpages, keyword analysis, and checks against other local websites. It takes time to look at website data and decide where the site needs tweaking. If it's right at the beginning, it will do well when it is loaded to the live website, so no need to spend time trying to make a bad thing good again. Do it right the first time!

In fact, it's now easier than ever to have your business online with a local website. We've started with the Rossendale & Bury sites and have added a few local businesses that are now getting enquiries and leads from people who visit the site. How do they find the site? They search Online.
Try it yourself .. Search online for Plumbers Rossendale.. according to one of the more well-known national online directories, there's 100's of Plumbers in Rossendale, it's a highly competitive area to be advertising your business.

So you're thinking about getting a Website for your business? Great! More and more small business owners are getting online than ever before. One thing to remember, you need to get a website domain that's short and easy for people to type in. Preferably one that doesn't have any hyphens.
There are many new domain endings that you can choose if the name you're after isn't available. For example dot NET (Internet, Technology Companies), or dot ORG (Organisations, Charities), dot UK (country domain ending for the UK) or dot INFO (information). View the end of this page to see live Webpages on this site.

The INFO Network of Geo domains (eg Rossendale, Bury, Radcliffe, Prestwich, Cheadle, Pendle etc) are a portfolio of domains for over 60 Towns and Areas across the North West of England. It's the biggest single collection of domains in the region if not the UK. Still want a dot com domain? Read further how you can save money.

Over the past few months since the Rossendale info website was launched, we've been growing the number of businesses on the site, as well as the other sites in the network. If you wanted to get your own website onto page number one of Google search, it could take you months, maybe longer. We're already there!

Get in touch if you are a Gas Safe Plumber. We can also advise about marketing and how to get the most out of social media. We don't jsut design websites, we do all the SEO stuff and that's free when you subscribe.

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WHAT IS the dot INFO domain?

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You can still have your own personal Web Address

Contact us about webpages at Rossendale info 

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This is a growing network of Geo (Geographical, Location) Domains, names of towns, for a specific area in the UK. They're aimed at people looking for local businesses in their area. Because these are short, single domains, they usually cost a little more, especially ones that are also surnames like Cheadle or Radcliffe. 

  • How much are Geo domains?

You'll need a few £1000 to get one for example like Cheadle, it's like owning a piece of 'Real Estate' as the Americans call it. Like having the best address on the internet. In this case, one that local people can associate to.

Please use the contact form to get in touch to ask about webpages and web design. Please include a daytime contact telephone number.

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What's more, when you find a plumber on the Rossendale info website, there is lots of info about what they do, images of recent jobs and contact details. So you can decide if you want to arrange to book their services or products.
Each business pays a small amount to be on the site, so you know the details will be up to date. Nothing worse than a free directory where most of the details are out of date and un-contactable.

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Here's another option to spending £100's on a Website