How to brand your business for the Internet. Here's something you all might want to read before choosing a business name if you are a Rossendale company. We look at the Google data trends for the webpages in terms of how the pages rank according to keywords. There's data and lots of it. There is a connection between the name of the business and the search keywords. For example: If your business is called for example, "Rossendale Plumbing & Heating", then you are using quite common generic words.

If your current website looks more like the 'before' and less like the 'after# images here, then don't despair, we can help.

Webpages and SEO Marketing all-in-one

Websites for Rossendale Businesses

We have webpages for local businesses, plumbers, electricians, painter and decorators. That's not all we'll be putting on the site and there'll be further categories added later. But for now, let's use the existing companies to test if they're coming up on Google. Try this in the search bar.  

‚ÄčElectricians Rossendale OR Painter and Decorator Rossendale OR Plumbing Merchants Rossendale

Before and After Mobile friendly website
How much does it cost?

Re-branding your business with your name

Website Keywords and competition

Sometimes you'll see more than one webpage from the Rossendale info website appearing in Google search results. The reason for this is that each page is independent of all the others and will rank according to the keywords used. So if you are an Estate agent or Property Letting company and wanted to have a webpage for your business, simply get in touch, at the moment there aren't any on the site, so less competition for you. We only attract local users, as this is the main factor about having an hyper-local website. It's easy to market and attracts mainly people from the Rossendale area. And, it's 100% Mobile Friendly.

Read further to learn how we are helping local businesses become mobile friendly and get onto Google search results.

Rossendale Website Design

Most of the websites we come across these days are either slow or simply not mobile friendly. It's still hard to believe that businesses can spend so much time and effort putting text and images together to find out 6 months later the site isn't visible to people with smart phones. The text is too small and it doesn't fit the screen. 

While it can be highly satisfying having your own website to be proud of, if it doesn't get you leads or isn't appearing on page one of Google search for your keywords, then maybe it's time for a re-think. You have a great domain, but that's all it is. It's probably a dot com or dot co uk ... or whatever, there's plenty to choose from these days. The fact is, it doesn't really matter as the ranking factors now used by Google are all about content. In fact, as the Rossendale info site is an EDM (Exact match domain), we have to tone it down a little on the use of the word Rossendale, otherwise we'll be penalised. If you decide to choose a Webpage on the Rossendale info site for your business, then the SEO stuff is done by us automatically. It comes as part of the package, although some industries are harder to crack than others. It is highly competitive to get a website onto page one when there's only 10 places, that is unless you are paying for the privilege using pay per click advertising, however this can also be expensive and not an option for smaller sized companies.

These are known as KEYWORDS, where all the 'web designers' are optimising their websites for these words to appear in Google rankings. So if your business is called Thomas Hogarty Plumbing, and you live in Rossendale (I checked, there isn't any) ... then you have absolutely NO competition for Keywords.  

Is it worth re-branding your business?

Absolutely ...

All you have to do then is put your name on your van .. After all, it's your biggest advertisement and easy to remember.

Give it a thought .. It can make you stand out online much more.

The letters too are important, don't mix the same letters together, it doesn't work, OR use a hyphen, they're difficult to type and remember.

If you're thinking this, then you either have too much money or someone will sell you a website that doesn't do anything. The question you should be asking is "Show me proof that it works". Try this yourself and use generic and fairly common keywords in your search.